Alexis & Keenan

kind words from our happy couple

"Everyone needs a little Sun in their life!!" - I swear this would be my response to anyone who asked me how our wedding planning was going or if we needed any help throughout the process. It was very important to my husband and I that are our families were not working during our wedding. Typically for our family events, everyone helps set-up and breakdown and helps throughout the entire party and we didn't want that for our wedding. We wanted to party and have a good time with our loved ones, and Sun made that possible. She was extremely responsive when I had a ton of questions to ask and helped me calm when I began to get a little stressed. When we had an issue with our venue come-up and had to make a lot of changes, she handled it like a PRO! I had a hard time at first adjusting my vision with our venue change but Sun just reminded me that everything happens for a reason. In the end, it was amazing and I really loved how Sun knew I was cost conscious but also willing to make my dream wedding come true. I had a hard time explaining my vision to many people, but Sun totally understood what I wanted and made it happen. She was also very honest and up-front with me about things that wouldn't work and I appreciated that so much. The day of our wedding, I was able to relax and have fun myself with no worries! Thank you Sun Kim for making our wedding so amazing and for really keeping me grounded throughout the entire process!
Alexis + Keenan

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